Babil Medical Group

Babil Medical Company is an authorized distributor for high quality medical equipment and machines, surgical instruments and medical disposable items. We are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE for almost 5 years with impressive gross sales in just 1 year reaching up to million in profit.  

We are dealing with different companies in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Korea, China, Turkey, Germany, Finland to name a few.

We are proud to commence the products we are engaged with:



  • orthopedic implants/ orthopaedic instruments
  • memory foam pillows and mattresses
  • back and neck supports / soft orthopaedics
  • silicon shoe insoles


Physiotherapy (All physiotherapy equipments)

  • ultrasound
  • shortwave diathermy
  • polar frost and pain relieving gels


  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Nd-Yag/ Laser Hair removal
  • soaking shoes for foot callosities
  • cosmetic and therapeutic creams


Laboratory equipment

  • microscopes
  • incubators and water baths
  • centrifuge systems
  • laboratory fridges and freezers


X-ray equipment

  • MRI, Digital x-ray, Bone Densitometry (BMD)


All surgical equipments

  • Endoscopy


Disposable items for hospital and theatre use.



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